Program Overview

Agile for Patriots provides Agile and Scrum training for veterans and/or their spouses who display the aptitude and attitude for software development. Participants learn theory and acquire hands-on experience during the two-week practicum.

Passing the Professional Scrum Master I (PSM I) assessment is not a graduation requirement, but is highly encouraged as validation of the knowledge and experience gained during the program.

Alumni Support

Patriots looking to join a Meetup group to network or learn more about Agile and Scrum can visit one or all of the following:

Agile for Patriots

Overview of Pathway for Learning

If there is a break in a candidate’s progress, he/she may continue at a later date.

  1. Introduction to Agile, 1 day session
  2. Professional Scrum Foundation, PSF, 2 day course
  3. Professional Scrum Master, PSM 1, certification (attempt):
    If the PSM 1 is passed on first attempt, candidate may:
      • apply for Scrum Master or
      • apply for Product Owner
  1. Practicum, 2 weeks
      • Utilize WordPress software
      • Sprint 1
      • Review + presentation
      • Peer review
      • Sprint 2
      • Review + presentation
      • Peer Review
      • If needed, second attempt at PSM I
      • Graduate
  2. Alumni support with Meetups @ Improving, several options
  3. Apprenticeship with SmoothApps or Improving
  4. Professional Scrum Product Owner, PSPO, course
  5. PSPO 1 assessment
  6. PSPO 1 certification exam
  7. Scaled Professional Scrum, SPS, course
  8. SPS assessment
  9. SPS certification exam
  10. Professional Scrum Master 2, PSM 2