AFP Creed

Agile For Patriots Creed

I am an Agile for Patriots Agilist
I am a Veteran or military spouse
I am a member of a team of equals

I will honor the participation agreement

I will adhere to the scrum values of courage, focus, commitment, respect and openness and continue to uphold the values I learned as part of the military family

I will abide by the laws of our nation, bringing honor to the program

I will honor the 4 values and 12 principles of agility

I will welcome feedback to improve myself and how I work within my team

I understand that I was selected for this program which is provided free as a thank you for my service and I will take this opportunity seriously.

I understand that if I “no show” to an event, my participation in future events will be affected

My mission is to learn the Agile values and principles and the Scrum framework, and gain practical experience and certification so that I can obtain meaningful employment

I will continue to grow my knowledge and skills

I am an Agile for Patriots Agilist