Program Overview

What is Agile for Patriots (AFP)? 

Agile for Patriots provides military veterans and their spouses with focused Agile training, practical experience, Professional Scrum Master certification, coaching, and resources for finding employment in Agile software development at no cost. 

What are the dates of the next program? 

Registration is currently closed.

Our next registration period will likely begin in January of 2025, but exact program dates for the next cohort have not been established yet. Please join our mailing list for updates.

Who is eligible to participate? 

You must meet ONE of the following qualifications:  

  • Honorably discharged Veteran (active duty, Reserve or National Guard) OR 
  • Active Duty U.S. Military service member with a separation or retirement that is within 1 year of this application (branch approved retirement/separation orders are required) OR 
  • National Guard or Reservist in the U.S. military (separation/retirement date is not a factor) OR 
  • The spouse of any of the above (separation/retirement date of service member is not a factor) 

What are the requirements to participate? 

  • You must meet one of the eligibility qualifications listed above 
  • You must be willing to agree to the AFP Creed and sign the Participation Commitment
  • You must be interested in pursuing a career in Agile Value Delivery and have the ability to learn how to use technology products such as Mural, Jira, etc. through self-study and with minimal help. 
  • You will need a computer, strong internet connection and webcam. A headset with microphone is strongly recommended. 


Program Overview

  • Get acquainted with the mindset, values, principles and practices of team-based solution development

  • If you wish to continue with the program, self-study and take the Scrum Open assessment. A score of 85% or above is required to proceed

  • Complete the pre-training survey/homework
  • Attend the virtual course

  • Within 14 days of completion of the APS course, you must take your first attempt at the Professional Scrum Master certification. You will receive two free attempts at the exam. You will have until 5:00PM Central time on the 8th day of the practicum to pass the PSM-I in order to graduate from the program. Participants may elect to purchase an additional exam if they do not pass the first two attempts.

  • If you pass the PSM I on your first attempt, you may apply for the Scrum Master or Product Owner role of the practicum

  • You will form a Scrum team that will be tasked with a small project to be completed within 12 days
  • You will utilize tools such as WordPress, Divi Builder, JIRA software
  • Hear from professional Agile speakers and employers
  • Experience Sprints from the Agile Delivery Playbook, including Sprint Review and peer reviews
  • The practicum concludes with a graduation ceremony

  • Alumni support with Meetups in the DFW area
  • Potential Apprenticeship opportunities when available
  • All graduates in good standing are eligible to participate in select future and Agile for Patriots training, workshops, and ongoing coaching if they have met the guidelines set by the program.