Our Mission

5th Dimension philosophy is about commitment to bringing value with a focus upon the following principle: Willingness to negotiate and resolve ambiguity using the “Mind Over Matter” philosophy to reach any goal. On the journey to becoming Professional Scrum Masters, we adhered to the five Scrum values of commitment, courage, focus, openness, and respect. Our web page reflects the commitment to each other using the Scrum framework and utilizing each member’s life experience.

We were guided by our Vision: Using forward momentum to catapult the Agile for Patriots website into the 5th Dimension by being Servant Leaders.

Lee Clemons | Developer

“AFP Practicum reinforced 3 of Scrum values when working as a team (respect, commitment, and openness) Thanks”

Greg Williams | Developer

“I found Jay Arbetter’s presentation on professional networking to be very valuable and engaging.”

Clifford Whitehorn | Developer

“This Agile for Patriots Practicum has added focus to my life’s continuous flow of value.”

Dan Nunn | Developer

“This is an opportunity not to be missed! The challenge is the reward!”


Sandesh Thapa | Developer

“The practicum is the best platform to exercise your Scrum skill and broaden your understanding.”

Nofisat Shobowale | Developer

“A great opportunity to learn about Agile principles, UX, and Networking. Thanks Agile for Patriots”

Dee Washington | Developer

“We may encounter many defeats but we must not be defeated…”

Gerald Thompson Jr | Developer

“As a Scrum Master, AFP showed me how to Improve a company’s bottom line.”

 Ash Gawande | Scrum Master

“Aspire to Lead as a Servant Leader by helping others perform to their highest potential.”


Wale Salami | Product Owner

“The scrum team demonstrated exceptional agile values that helped the team achieve incremental results.”

Ray Genova | Class Leader

“AFP offers training and certification programs that create endless opportunities to attain my future goals.”

Clifford Whitehorn, PSM

Daniel Nunn, PSM

Ashish Gawande, PSM

Deshanna Washington, PSM

Gerald Thompson, PSM

Gregory Williams, PSM

Lee Clemons, PSM

Nofisat Shobowale, PSM

Sandesh Thapa, PSM

Ray Genova, PSM

Adewale Salami, PSM

Ravi Verma – Agile for Patriots Co-Founder

Greg Gomel – Agile for Patriots Co-Founder

We Would Like to Thank the Following:


We owe a huge debt of gratitude to our sponsors: Agile for Patriots; Improving for hosting the Professional Scrum Master Practicum; Scrum.org for their gratitude, the professional volunteer guest speakers, and the previous four cohorts. The real-world experiences and knowledge gained during the two-week practicum have helped us pave the way to honing our technical skills, leadership methodologies, and achieve the aspirational cohort goal of becoming a certified Professional Scrum Masters.

Class Instructors:
Dereck Baker, Agile for Patriots Training for Veterans and Spouses
William RED Davidson, Agile for Patriots Training for Veterans and Spouses
Ty Crockett, Professional Scrum Foundations Class

Guest Speakers:
Adrian Galarza, Taming the Backlog Refinement Monster
Bob Dobson, Technical Side of Agile
Fred Leinweiber, Jira
Greg Gomel, Introduction to Two-Week Practicum
Janie Purvis, Employment Opportunities
Jay Arbtetter, Networking, Personal Branding
Jeff Tillet, Atlassian
Jen Blatz, User Experience Design in Agile
Joe Haberl, A Potpourri of Scrum Master “Mindsets”
Mark Lindsley, Product Owner & Scrum Master Best Practices
Ronnie Cooke, Agile since the 2001 Agile Manifesto
Shivan Agarwal, Business Analyst Role
Stephen Sifers, Atlassian
Tresia Eaves, World-Class Leadership
Trophenia Kinnard, A Day in The Life of a Scrum Master