Alumni Overview

Agile for Patriots alumni have completed all program curriculum requirements and are prepared to enter the Agile workforce.

The first Agile for Patriots cohort completed the program in September 2017, and chose the name “Trailblazers” to represent their pioneering achievement.

Agile for Patriots Testimonials

Nick Jule, Scrum Master




J.W. Washington

Graduate, Trailblazers

Karen Pollard

Graduate, Second2None

Trophenia Kineard

Graduate, Second2None

Brent Boyd

Graduate, FOUR-ward Momentum



Alumni Support

Patriots looking to join a Meetup group to network or learn more about Agile and Scrum can visit one or all of the following:

Alumni Cohorts


Trailblazers produced the initial version of the Agile for Patriots website during their two-week practicum.

Their journey, which is documented on the Trailblazers page, includes a profile of each graduate and an overview of their practicum experience.


Second2None enhanced the Agile for Patriots website  and  did some work for the Dallas GiveCamp.

We are the second all-Veteran team to participate in the Agile for Patriots two week Scrum practicum and our focus was on the Scrum values as they relate to the values of each branch of military service.


3TimesSTRONG is the third cohort and the first all women cohort.

Our focus was on updating the Agile For Patriots website to increase clarity in its goals.

FOUR-ward Momentum

FOUR-ward Momentum is Agile for Patriots’ fourth cohort team.

We used the 2-week practicum to create our team brand and cohort page on the Agile for Patriots website, putting theory into practice with the intent of Improving our interview and job offer opportunities.