Agile for Patriots is a free program and we do not have any paid employees. We rely on support from other companies and individuals who have a heart for helping military families. These companies donate training, facilities, services and other resources to make this program possible. We appreciate all they do for us – we couldn’t do it without them!

Org Whisperers Logo

Org Whisperers donates training, coaching and general program support assistance.

The Improving team is a premier host for training and events.

Fringe Technology assists Agile for Patriots with Atlassian training and support.

kanaka Logo

Kanaka has helped improve our website by providing free and discounted website services to support our program.

Scrum. org provides all graduates with a Professional Scrum Master certification at no cost.

Al Dente donates free licenses to help AFP Graduates who are in good standing optimize ROI for their organizations.